Women's Fragrances & Perfumes

We have an extensive range of the most popular, high quality, long lasting and sought after fragrances available for women. We invite you to explore the evocative power of the subtle, sexy, romantic, sporty and provocative scents and fragrances from the below collection.

You can choose from a range of convenient sizes including 4ml, 8ml, 30ml, 35ml, 50ml, 65ml and 100ml bottles at the affordable prices as indicated on the Size & Pricing Guide. The fragrances are supplied directly from our stores, or provided on order as per your exact requirements. You can download our Latest Product Guide, Price List & Order Form by clicking on the download link below.
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Our Range of Women's Fragrances include the following:

Avon Type Fragrances

W69. Avon - Far Away Type

Avroy Shlain Type Fragrances

W46. Avroy Shlain - Coppelia Type

Cacharel Type Fragrances

W7. Cacharel - Amor Amor Type
W8. Cacharel - Anais Anais Type

Armani Type Fragrances

W11. Armani - Acqua Di Gio Type
W12. Armani Code Type
W13. Armani - Giorgio Type
W14. Armani - SI Type

Beyoncé Type Fragrances

W86. Beyoncé - Heat Type

Britney Spears Type Fragrances

W21. Britney Spears - Curious Type
W22. Britney Spears - Fantasy Type
W23. Britney Spears - Island Fantasy Type

Burberry Type Fragrances

W29. Burberry - Sport Ice Type

Bvlgari Type Fragrances

W24. Bvlgari Type
W25. Bvlgari - BLV Type
W28. Bvlgari - Mon Jasmin Noir Type
W26. Bvlgari - Omnia Type
W27. Bvlgari - Omnia Crystalline Type

Carolina Herrera Type Fragrances

W1. Carolina Herrera - 212 Type
W2. Carolina Herrera - 212 Sexy Type
W3. Carolina Herrera - 212 VIP Type
W4. Carolina Herrera - 212 VIP Rose Type

Chanel Type Fragrances

W30. Chanel - Allure Type
W31. Chanel - Chance Type
W32. Chanel - Coco Type
W33. Chanel - Coco Mademoiselle Type
W34. Chanel - No.5 Type

Chloe Type Fragrances

W36. Chloe - Love Type
W35. Chloe - Narcisse Type
W37. Chloe - Roses Type

Calvin Klein (CK) Type Fragrances

W39. Calvin Klein - CK - Beauty Type
W40. Calvin Klein - CK - Eternity Type
W41. Calvin Klein - CK - Euphoria Type
W42. Calvin Klein - CK - Euphoria Liquid Gold Type
W43. Calvin Klein - CK - One Shock Type
W44. Calvin Klein - CK - One Summer Type

Clinique Type Fragrances

W15. Clinique - Aromatics Elixir Type
W85. Clinique - Happy Type

Christian Dior Type Fragrances

W47. Christian Dior - Dior Addict Type
W63. Christian Dior - Dune Type
W94. Christian Dior - J’adore Type
W113. Christian Dior - Miss Dior Type
W118. Christian Dior - Poison Type
W119. Christian Dior - Poison Hypnotic Type
W120. Christian Dior - Poison Midnight Type
W121. Christian Dior - Poison Pure Type
W121/2. Christian Dior - Poison Girl Type

Coty Type Fragrances

W68. Coty - Exclamation Type

Dana Type Fragrances

W131. Dana - Tabu Type

Davidoff Type Fragrances

W45. Davidoff - Cool Water - Type

Diesel Type Fragrances

W48. Diesel - LoverDose Type
W49. Diesel - LoverDose Tattoo Type

DKNY Type Fragrances

W50. D.K.N.Y - D.K.N.Y Type
W51. D.K.N.Y - Be Delicious Type
W52. D.K.N.Y - Delicious Night Type
W53. D.K.N.Y - Empire Apple Type
W54. D.K.N.Y - Golden Delicious Type
W55. D.K.N.Y - Red Delicious Type
W56. D.K.N.Y - Rooftop Peony Type
W57. D.K.N.Y - Pure Type

Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) Type Fragrances

W58. Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) - Dolce & Gabbana Type
W59. Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) - Light Blue Type
W60. Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) - Rose The One Type
W61. Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) - The One Type

Dunhill Type Fragrances

W151. Dunhill - Desire Type

Estee Lauder Type Fragrances

W16. Estee Lauder - Beautiful Type
W17. Estee Lauder - Beyond Paradise Type
W38. Estee Lauder - Cinnabar Type
W91. Estee Lauder - Intuition Type
W105. Estee Lauder - Knowing Type
W117. Estee Lauder - Pleasures Type
W129. Estee Lauder - Spellbound Type
W140. Estee Lauder - White Linen Type
W142. Estee Lauder - Youth Dew Type

Elie Saab Type Fragrances

W64. Elie Saab Type

Elizabeth Arden Type Fragrances

W5. Elizabeth Arden - 5th Avenue Type
W124. Elizabeth Arden - Provocative Type
W125. Elizabeth Arden - Red Door Type
W150. Elizabeth Arden - SunFlower Type

Elizabeth Taylor Type Fragrances

W139. Elizabeth Taylor - White Diamonds Type

Escada Type Fragrances

W65. Escada - Joyful Type
W66. Escada - Taj Sunset Type
W67. Escada - Turquoise Summer Type

Five Star Fragrance Co. Type Fragrances

W127. Five Star Fragrance Co. - Royal Secret Type

Ghost Type Fragrances

W72. Ghost - Ghost Type

Givenchy Type Fragrances

W73. Givenchy - Amarige Type
W74. Givenchy - Organza Type
W75. Givenchy - Play for Her Type
W76. Givenchy - Very Irresistible Type

Gucci Type Fragrances

W77. Gucci By Gucci Type
W78. Gucci - Flora Type
W79. Gucci - Guilty Type
W80. Gucci - OUD Type
W81. Gucci - Premiere Type
W82. Gucci - Rush Type
W83. Gucci - Rush 2 Type
W83/2. Gucci - Bamboo Type

Guess Type Fragrances

W84. Guess - I’m Your Seductive Type

Hugo Boss Type Fragrances

W87. Hugo Boss Type
W88. Hugo Boss - Deep Red Type
W89. Hugo Boss - Jour Pour Femme Type
W90. Hugo Boss - Pure Purple Type
W90/2. Hugo Boss - Orange Type

Issey Miyake Type Fragrances

W92. Issey Miyake Type
W93. Issey Miyake - Pleats Please Type

Jean Pierre Gaultier Type Fragrances

W95. Jean Pierre Gaultier - Classique Type

Jennifer Lopez Type Fragrances

W96. Jennifer Lopez - Blue Glow Type

Jimmy Choo Type Fragrances

W97. Jimmy Choo Type

Justin Bieber Type Fragrances

W99. Justin Bieber - Some Day Type
W100. Justin Bieber - The Key Type

Justine Type Fragrances

W130. Justine - Tabasheer Type

Kenzo Type Fragrances

W101. Kenzo - Amour Type
W102. Kenzo - Flower Type
W103. Kenzo - Jungle Elephant Type

Kim Kardashian Type Fragrances

W104. Kim Kardashian - Gold Type

Lacoste Type Fragrances

W106. Lacoste Type
W107. Lacoste - Touch of Pink Type

Lady Gaga Type Fragrances

W108. Lady Gaga - Fame Type

Lancome Type Fragrances

W111. Lancome - Poeme Type

Lentheric Type Fragrances

W116. Lentheric - Panache Type

Marc Jacobs Type Fragrances

W62. Marc Jacobs - Dot Type
W62/2. Marc Jacobs - Daisy Type

Mugler  Type Fragrances

W6. Mugler - Alien Type
W9. Mugler - Angel Type
W10. Mugler - Angel Innocent Type
W141. Mugler - Womanity Type

Michael Kors Type Fragrances

W146. Michael Kors - Gold Type

Narciso Rodriguez Type Fragrances

W114. Narciso Rodriguez Type

Nicki Minaj Type Fragrances

W148. Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday Type

Nikos Type Fragrances

W149. Nikos - Sculpture Type

Nina Ricci Type Fragrances

W115. Nina Ricci - Nina Elixir Type

Paris Hilton Type Fragrances

W132. Paris Hilton - Tease Type

Paco Rabanne Type Fragrances

W18. Paco Rabanne - Black XS Type
W19. Paco Rabanne - Black XS L’Exces Type
W20. Paco Rabanne - Black XS Potion Type
W109. Paco Rabanne - Lady Million Type
W110. Paco Rabanne - Lady Million Gold Type
W136. Paco Rabanne - Ultra Violet Type
W147. Paco Rabanne - Olympea Type

Prada Type Fragrances

W122. Prada Type
W123. Prada - Candy Type

Ralph Lauren Type Fragrances

W128. Ralph Lauren - Safari Type

Rihanna  Type Fragrances

W126. Rihanna - Reb’Fleur Type

Roberto Cavalli  Type Fragrances

W98. Roberto Cavalli - Just Cavalli Femme Type

Rochas  Type Fragrances

W112. Rochas - Madame Type

Tommy Hilfiger Type Fragrances

W133. Tommy Hilfiger - Tommy Girl Type

Tom Ford  Type Fragrances

W134. Tom Ford - Black Orchid Type
W135. Tom Ford - Violet Blonde Type

Van Cleef & Arpels  Type Fragrances

W70. Van Cleef & Arpels - First Type

Versace  Type Fragrances

W137. Versace - Bright Crystal Type
W138. Versace - Yellow Diamond Type
W138/2. Versace - Crystal Noir Type
W138/3. Versace - Eros Type

Viktor & Rolf Type Fragrances

W71. Viktor & Rolf - Flower Bomb Type

YSL Type Fragrances

W143. YSL - Belle D’Opium Type
W144. YSL - Black Opium Type
W145. YSL - Opium Type

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